<Soap facial cleanser> 100g 3,500 Yen(excl. tax)

Made in Japan

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Product concept
・ 100% Vegetable fat soap.
・ This soap is free of any lauric and oleic acids, making it skin-friendly.
・ Introducing soap-finishing technology to ease cleaning irritation – use it as much as you like with peace of mind.

Product features
・ A skin-friendly soap, exploiting the cleaning power of fatty acids. Produces smooth and fine bubbles that clean your skin and leave moisture behind when gently washed away. Plant ingredients moisturize the skin and help you along on the journey to healthier pristine skin.
・ By avoiding all use of lauric and oleic acids with an ultra-safe fatty acid composition, this product excels in “removing skin soiling, while leaving behind the intercellular lipids the skin needs”. Carefully, gently and kindly washing your skin clean.
・ The product also rinses easily away, thanks to a design to reduce dermal absorption and improve the skin retentivity of cleansing ingredients as well as promoting safety first, by avoiding penetration into the skin and the risk of damage.
・ Plant-based components include licorice root, carrot, Rehmannia root, tōki (wild celery / Angelica acutiloba) and rooibos among others.

Impressions when using
・ It feels very mild when used, reflecting its skin-friendly quality, so you can use it to wash the skin without worrying about it drying out or becoming rough.

No paraben additives / free of lauric and oleic acids / fragrance-free / no synthetic coloring

◎How to use

・ After wetting the skin, lather the product well with lukewarm water, and carefully and gently wash, making sure the foam covers the whole area.
・ Then, instead of rinsing away, gently splash on tepid water to get rid of the foam and pat dry with a clean and soft towel.
・ The product can be used to wash the whole body too as well as the face.


Glycerin, water, sodium myristate, sucrose, PEG-30 hydrogenated castor oil, PPG-8 glyceryl, sodium palmitate, cocamidopropyl betaine, myristate K, sodium stearate, sodium sorbitol, sodium isostearate, sodium lauroamphoacetate, palmitic acid K, stearic acid K, iristearic acid K, glycyrrhizinic acid 2K, licorice root extract, acacia root extract, aubergine root extract, red ginseng root extract, rooibos extract, polyquaternium 51, ethanol, BG, phenoxyethanol, etidonic acid 4Na